How I do my ‘go-to’…

These days it’s all about nude colours with one main focus, James Kaliardos, backstage at Rodarte, applied pale colours to the models faces and a shimmy eyeshadow with a bold deep burgundy colour emphasising the lip…

… Where as at Oscar de la Renta Diane Kendal used thick black liner with a contrasting pale nude to create a bold striking cat-eye look…

My go-to look revolves around a big bold eye as the focus of my face, this is achieved with a simple smokey eye, using a selection of four coloured eyeshadows, my favourite being a range of Browns and shimmery cream colours.

To start off with I use Simple Kind to Skin Day Moisturizer which you can BUY HERE on their website, throughout this time of the year my skin really dries up and flakes, this Moisturizer is super thick and skin rejuvenating and looks completely flawless under bareMinerals  Pure Brightening Serum Foundation! For highlighting I use Soap and Glory Dirty Works Concealer/highlighter (now so ancient it no longer exists online, but forever treasured) only needing a slight smudge to cover up any under eye bags and for priming the eyelid before the shadow is applied.

For the first steps of the eye shadow I applied the palest matte cream colour from No7s eyeshadow pallet, using a thin eyeshadow brush I used the darkest brown on the Bonjouris Smokey Eye Trio in Nude Ingenu to darken the eyelid crease; starting from the very outer corner and working my way into the inner corner.

Using the single No7 eyeshadow colour in shimmery grey I then outline the dark brown (this time beginning in the inner corner and bring it out to the outer corner of the eye) to blend into the previous colours that I originally used to base the lid with.

When it comes to eyeliner I am so indecisive, the eyeliner I use each day is always depending on what flick I’m feeling, included in my go-to look is my fine line eyeliner, created using Miss Sporty Cat Eyes!! Using Tinted Primer by Benefit in Mink Brown I lightly traced my eyebrows to darken, being careful not to stain the skin whilst doing so! I used the same tinted mascara to base my eyelashes with before using a dark black to thicken both top and bottom lashes.


To finish off my day-to-day look I use Perfecting Veil by bareMinerals and Grape-Vine Baby Lips lip balm. – I am totally obsessed!!


Author: Ellie Louise Penna

Fashion photographer with a background in fashion journalism.

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