Bold Brows!

So I recently purchased BarryM’s shape and define Brow Kit and if you’re like me and would die for Cara Delevingnes incredibly thick eyebrows and if you’re also like me and have incredibly thin and light eyebrows… This is definitely the kit for you (as well as me!)

^ my eyebrows are barely visible before using BarryM Brow Kit – You can buy it here!

On the left hand side is a tinted wax, and if you like a dark bold look, I would suggest the medium/dark shade of pallet to achieve the ultimate brow!

Using the slanted edged brush stroke through the wax and line either side of your eyebrows.

You should line both top and bottom to create shape and to define the brow outline… Whilst doing so make sure you leave it natural at the inner brow where your brows meet.

Using the small brush (on the opposite side of the wax brush) gather colour from the middle dark powder and apply to your eyebrow hairs between the wax lines…

… Again, making sure to keep the inner eyebrow looking natural.

This thin powder is amazing, the matte brown in such a deep colour stands out so well and I love to wear it throughout the day and when I go out! It’s great because it doesn’t stain the skin making my eyebrows look even more natural!

Lastly the highlighter included is great!! Usually my highlighters are over powered with glitter and its makes me shy away from using a lot, however this matte cream (almost white) eyeshadow powder is amazing and after a good lining underneath the brow, stays on for the whole day!


Author: Ellie Louise Penna

Fashion photographer with a background in fashion journalism.

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