Pre-Makeup Routine 

Each day before applying my makeup I like to pamper and hydrate my skin. My skin is combination, therefore I get incredibly dry skin over the winter in particular yet my skin still gets so oily, I can’t stand it! To try to reduce the side effects of my combination skin showing through (and ruining) my makeup I use a variation of products! 

My guilty pleasure brand is Soap and Glory, originally introduced to it by my amazing mum (the queen of Soap and Glory in my eyes) I am a sucker for the gorgeous smells and incredibly silky smooth textures of the Soap and Glory products.


These are my 5 favourite products which have made it into my daily morning routine!

My pre-makeup routine; 

Butter Yourself Up – this moisturiser is so thick, I mostly use it on my body however my skin gets so dry that I find using a small amount on the areas that I know get particular dry on my face really helps… And works! 

Glow Job – I love this moisturiser because it’s so light and silky, with beads of bronzer that burst when you rub into the skin, it really luminates skin and makes you glow! So after the first dabs of Butter Yourself Up soak in I apply a generous amount of Glow Job to tint and hydrate my whole face.

Super Eyes – this translucent gel appears glittery at first glance however once a tiny pea size drop is smoothed around the outer eye area and on the very top of the cheekbone it dries transparent and ever so slightly shimmery. Being at Uni and get little sleep every night I have noticed that I have started to get dark bags under my eyes. This gel is awesome, not only does it highlight and lighten the area around my eyes but also tightens the skin and actually makes me look more awake!

Primer – next I use the One Heck Of A Blot instant-perfecting power primer to base my face for foundation. This has to be one of the best primers I have used for my combination skin! I rave about this product to anyone and everyone, it’s magic powers control the shine of my oily face with its matte affect, it’s just the right thickness to hide imperfections and reduce redness without being clogging and heavy to wear. 

Dirty Works – lastly to finish of my pre-makeup Soap and Glory routine I use a small dab of the lighter half of the Dirty Works concealer to add extra brightness to my under eyes. I also use the lighter concealer as a primer for eyeshadow on my eyelids, it’s so thin and allows makeup on top perfectly!

You can purchase these Soap and Glory products on their website !!!! HERE 🙂



Author: Ellie Louise Penna

Fashion photographer with a background in fashion journalism.

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