Food & Facial

Once again I just want to mention how great it is to be at home, (however much I love being in Southampton studying Fashion Journalism and living an independent life with my boyfriend, Lewis) there’s just something about it; my own bed, my mum and dad, my three cats and a full fridge of food!!

My mum treated Lewis, my dad and I to burgers tonight from The Meat Counter… I don’t mean pathetic little burgers that may as well of come from McDonals, these were huge messy American style burgers, and damn they were yummy!!!


After a huge greasy meal (however delicious) my skin tends to feel oily and a bit dirty so instead of my usual cleansing routine I like to exfoliate and cleanse to really clean my skin.

I love Soap and Glory products and products by Simple, due to my combination (and very delicate) skin I find they are particularly kind to my skin yet very effective!


Its all about find the right brand of skin products that suit you’re own skin; once you’ve found a brand stick with it for a while to give it a chance then make your judgement on how successful it is.

  1. Making sure to thoroughly wash my hands first (to avoid dirt being spread) I wash my face then use the cleansing facial wash to remove any excess makeup residue left on my face. This works best when applied with cotton wool and left to soak in for a minute then washed away with clean warm water.
  2. After cleansing I moisturise using Simple Kind To Skin Night Cream (obviously using the day cream if I’m doing my routine in the morning) this just loosens my skins and hydrates it before exfoliating.
  3. I love Soap and Glorys Rub Your Nose In It exfoliating face mask, needing only a tiny amount me and my boyfriend can’t get enough of it! It’s amazing at deep cleaning and getting rid of dry skin, and leaves your face so soft!
  4. To finish off I rinse my face with cold water to ensure my pores are closed so that no dirt can enter and apply another small amount of moisturiser.




Author: Ellie Louise Penna

Fashion photographer with a background in fashion journalism.

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