Simple, daring and purple!

Today I went for a particularly plain outfit, black jeans and a plain grey long sleeve t-shirt, however on the other hand today I went for one of my particularly daring makeup looks… 

I love deep purples (at the moment I’m in love with Barry M magnetic nail polish in the metallic dark purple stripes!) and with a plain (not too dark outfit) this makeup look looks great!! 


  To start off with using the darkest colour from the rimmel eyeshadow palette Violet Romantic I fairly heavily darkened the crease of my eyelid.

I particularly like these eyeshadows as they blend super easy!!
  Next I used the lighter purple on the main part of my eyelid, slightly blending into the dark purple.

I also added a touch of the shimmer white to the very centre of my eyelid, this is to add highlights. 


It may seem outrageous but go with me…

To create my ombrΓ© purple lips I used revlon balm stain in cherish devotion, a bright baby pink, I then used a liquid pen eyeliner in black (I usually have a cheap one especially for my lips) and literally colour from the inner corners of my mouth, being careful not to leave harsh lines!  

Using the same lip stain I blend the eyeliner on my lips to create the purple lip! πŸ‘„
I also added a thin liquid eyeliner to finish my look πŸ™‚ 




Author: Ellie Louise Penna

Fashion photographer with a background in fashion journalism.

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