My Underdone Makeover

Even on a Saturday like today, a Saturday that my amazing boyfriend has been working since 7 this morning and won’t come home till 10 tonight, a Saturday where I spend sat in my room with my head in multiple books, just shy of 100 tabs open on google and all of my note books spread…well, all over the room… I still find time to put my face on 🙂 
You know, just in case I fancy one of those nasty 35p energy drinks I use (only for emergencies I tell myself) to keep myself engaged with my work or a bar of my favourite Dairy Milk chocolate to give myself some added motivation (yes, food is a huge – and unfortunately my main – distraction) but I like to go for a simple, classy and tamed makeup look. 

Today I went neutral;


After my sacred pre-makeup routine I applied only a thin layer of foundation, on one of my tracksuit days I don’t tend to contour, I will however apply a small amount of matte highlighter to illuminate my cheeckbones.


Using the matte pink eyeshadow in the middle of No7s colour perfecting trio in Good Earth I filled my entire eyelid, I then blended the pale matte brown on the bottom of the three colours into the crease of my eyelid to create a slight smokey eye. 

I added a really thin eyeliner and used a brown mascara for tinting my eyelashes!  


Lastly to add some colour I used Max Factors Lipfinity in Just Bewitching double ended lip stain and gloss, it lasts for a super long time and never wears off! – it’s my ‘long day at uni’ go to!!

To shape my lips and contain the colour I used No7 lip liner in nude, it adds such a beautiful finish, making my lips look neat and sweet! 
Have a beautiful weekend.

Wish me luck with my work 

It would be super handy if you guys could vote on your go-to handbag on my Twitter poll, it’s for research for a feature piece I’m writing at Uni  – Thanks 🙂



Author: Ellie Louise Penna

Fashion photographer with a background in fashion journalism.

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