Velvet Teddy and Me

Honestly, after the amount of lipsticks I’ve tried and failed to be impressed by, after all of the colours that just weren’t right for my face, I think I have finally fallen in love with the perfect lipstick.    

I am totally obsessed with the nude matte brown colour of this lipstick!!
Velvet Teddy by Mac Cosmetics is utterly beautiful. A soft matte brown which could almost be seen as slightly purple in some lights is a very popular choice of lipstick by Mac lovers, I was suggested it by one of my friends at uni a few weeks back but with the daring prices of Mac makeup I convinced myself to hold back until I new I had found the perfect shade, in heinsight I should of listen to her at first! It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that my house mate happens to have the exact shade… So of course I tried it, and guess what my next purchase is going to be? – As soon as I have finished my essay research that is!! 

If you aren’t as in love with Macs Velvet Teddy as I am and feel slightly weary of spending a daring £15.50 (well worth it though!) try NYX lip Lingerie lipstick in either Teddy for a more neutral brown approach to Macs Velvet Teddy, or if on the other hand you like the purpleness of Macs lipstick go for Embellishment, it has a gorgeous, almost mauve, take on brown!

Have any of you guys tried Velvet Teddy? I recommend it to anyone and everyone!



Author: Ellie Louise Penna

Fashion photographer with a background in fashion journalism.

7 thoughts on “Velvet Teddy and Me”

  1. Velvet Teddy is a gorgeous lipstick on you! I definitely need to find some dupes for it.
    Aisling |


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