Revolution Mini Haul – Part 2!

So if you’ve been reading my previous posts (which I highly recommend you do!)  you would have read my Part 1 post on my mini Revolution Makeup haul, in which I expressed my love for their sculp and blend brush collection!! In this post I want to tell you about the next bits in my mini haul; bronzer, compressed powder and baked highlighter… I know, how good does a baked highlighter sound!! 

These three bits complete my face when it comes to morning makeup!

I use the pressed powder over my foundation in order to contour on top, this allows the contour to go on smoothly instead of sticking to the foundation! I use my bronzer over my contour to add extra colour and shade on edge of my forehead and of course the highlight is used to highlight and enhance my cheekbones!!

This is me using all three products in this post 🙂

As you can see the baked highlighter leaves a beautiful golden shimmer, I brought mine in the ‘Golden Lights‘ shade, it was the brightest of them all… The more shiny the better!

The powders come in super handy packaging as well which is just a bonus! Featured with a slide out case inside is a pad for application and a mirror on the back!!

Hope you love these products as much as I do! 

1 more post left to go of this amazing Revolution mini haul… Trust me, I’ve saved the best till last!! 



Friday in Falmouth – My Look

Today I went for a classy monochrome look! 

It’s my boyfriends dad and soon to be step-mums wedding on the 3rd of March so we have come home from Southampton and are currently staying with my mum and dad in Falmouth (his dad lives in Porthtowan so it’s not a long car journey at all!).

I absolutely love coming home, to see mum and dad, of course, and my gorgeous cats!!! But I also love coming home to having full access of my mums wardrobe! – Though she may not know it! Sorry mum x

Through the term time buying new outfits is a no-go on a student budget, so rummaging through mums clothes and finding incredible pieces she may not give a  second thought to is the way I go about re-styling my wardrobe for uni!


A classic white blouse with black skinny jeans never goes wrong!!
Today I found this beautifully shirt from Jaeger, presumably a now vintage item! I’m in love with the off-White colouring and threaded diamond pattern! I dressed it up with a simple black pair of jeans from River Island and a pair of black, faux leather, ankle boots, also from River Island! 

My makeup look is shown in my previous blog post however I’ve used No7 Moisture Drench lipstick in Plum Beautiful to finish the look with a hint of LFW and NYFW inspiration!


Ultra Amazing Contour

This Ultra-contour gives an Ultra – phenomenal and elegant finish to any makeup look night and day!


^ before using Ultra Contour my face has no definition and looks very plain with no added colour.

Admittedly on an everyday basis I only use a small amount of contouring as I want to go for a natural look; for this I apply the top left hand corner as a highlighter, just brushing it with a contour brush on the top of my cheek bones and running it lightly down my nose.

Using the slightly lighter brown (being the second from the left on the bottom row) I use another contouring brush and faintly shade under my cheekbones, this gives my face definition and makes my cheekbones stand out. This in affect is working as my bronzer.

To finish off my day time contouring look I apply a small amount of the pearly pink and brown powder (on the very right hand side of the bottom row) in between my highlighter and bronzer to act as a blusher and to and some shimmer to my face.  


For the night time approach when I am heading out I like to go more bold! Instead of using the matte highlighter I use the white and gold pearl powder to really highlight and accentuated he top of my cheek bones, like before I always apply the lighter brown bronzer first as I think it has a more neutral approach and less tangy, on top of it to emphasise the darkness I add a tiny bit of the dark brown (on the very left of the bottom row).
 I am totally in love with the pink and brown pearl powder, so as the same as in my daytime look but this time using a bit more, I apply between the highlighter and bronzer as a blusher!