M is for Miracle MAC Makeup

My skin fails this time of year, I go pale… Real pale and I get tons of red blotches over my face, my skin looks really rough. As I suffer (I say suffer because it’s such a pain to handle!) from combination skin, I really struggle to find a foundation that has the necessary coverage I need without looking caked and streaky! 


I took a needed trip to John Lewis to get the consultants at MAC opinion on just how to save my skin, and boy she rescued me! She introduced me to MACs studio fix liquid foundation; and the texture is to die for! It has a creamy light feel which makes it incredibly easy to apply and it’s coverage is amazing! 

Excuse my pastey skin and moody face!!

I really wanted to show you all the true effect of this beautiful foundation so I have done a  bare face shot (above) and after I had completed my makeup (below). I’m using shade NC20 which has a lovely golden matte approach! 



Bow down to bareMinerals

Since make up was a necessity in my life, Mac has been my go to brand for all things face related, but since entering the more ‘natural look’ I have found it has become my enemy…

…Due to this I needed a serious lifestyle change in the make up I wear. bareMinerals has now entered my life with first prize… the silky, soft, not to mention incredibly light foundation is bliss to wear!


This must-have is so affordable at only £29.99 for the set, where in my eyes the brush alone is worth £29.99! The foundation brush included is beautifully soft and also includes a dimple to fill your foundation in… one word… genius!

The powder, otherwise known as a perfecting veil, acts as an amazing coverage and oil absorber on top of the matching foundation. No need for topping up throughout the day which is fantastic!


I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone!