Revolution Mini Haul – Part 3!

It’s finally here! My third and final post on how amazing I found the makeup from my mini haul!! (Thank you if you have taken time to read the previous two, if you haven’t… You should!) In this ramble I wanna show you how great my new favourite eyeshadow palette is. Revolutions ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’. 

My ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’ palette in all its glory!

With an incredible array of colours from mattes to high shimmers and glitters, you can create any look you desire from casual, to sophiscated to a super glam evening look! I wanted to do this post last, as over the past couple of weeks I’ve been building up a few pictures using different shades on the palette to show you guys.

Sun Set Hour, Super Gold and Creme.

Pink Diamond, Favour and New World.

The quality of the eyeshadows are amazing considering the super affordable price. They are so easy to blend, I use the double ended brush that comes with the palette as well as Revolutions eyeshadow blender (shown in Revolution Mini Haul – Part 1!) to apply. The eyeshadows are also so, so pigmented that the colours honestly look as great on than they do in the palette! 
Caffeine Fix, Latte, Creme and Shimmer
Green Machine, Transformer and Smoothie

The beautiful ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’ eyeshadow palette features a clear overlay sheet with each eyeshadow shades personal name. I have featured the particular ones I have used captioned under each picture for you guys to feast your eyes on! 

Have any of you beauties grabbed yourselves a palette?



Revolution Mini Haul – Part 2!

So if you’ve been reading my previous posts (which I highly recommend you do!)  you would have read my Part 1 post on my mini Revolution Makeup haul, in which I expressed my love for their sculp and blend brush collection!! In this post I want to tell you about the next bits in my mini haul; bronzer, compressed powder and baked highlighter… I know, how good does a baked highlighter sound!! 

These three bits complete my face when it comes to morning makeup!

I use the pressed powder over my foundation in order to contour on top, this allows the contour to go on smoothly instead of sticking to the foundation! I use my bronzer over my contour to add extra colour and shade on edge of my forehead and of course the highlight is used to highlight and enhance my cheekbones!!

This is me using all three products in this post 🙂

As you can see the baked highlighter leaves a beautiful golden shimmer, I brought mine in the ‘Golden Lights‘ shade, it was the brightest of them all… The more shiny the better!

The powders come in super handy packaging as well which is just a bonus! Featured with a slide out case inside is a pad for application and a mirror on the back!!

Hope you love these products as much as I do! 

1 more post left to go of this amazing Revolution mini haul… Trust me, I’ve saved the best till last!! 


Revolution Mini Haul – Part 1!

So recently I discovered Makeup Revolution. I had purchased two contour palettes from Superdrug not too long ago, (as mentioned in previous blog posts!!) and they are honestly two of my favourite items of makeup! The ridiculously affordable price makes Revolution makeup even more amazing!! So about a week ago I stumbled upon their website… I couldn’t resit! 

Ok, I admit… The postage was slightly delayed and it took just over a week to finally receive my package, but with apology emails and finally receive my package it made things all that bit better! 

I wanted to do my post in different parts so I didn’t bore you with every praise in one long post so here’s my first…

Ultra Sculpt and Blend Brush Set!!

I’ve been super impressed whilst using these brushes, they are incredibly soft and easy to use. The centre brush on the picture above is my favourite to use for contouring and blending, on my cheekbone especially. The top brush is perfect for powder contouring and the bottom brush works amazingly for blending eyeshadows. The sponge works to blend foundation and cream contours.

This is me after using the brush kit; 

They are beautiful brushes with a rose gold finish, I wouldn’t fault them! You can find them here on their website!!


Basic Browns // how to look good simply.

A simplified brown face with a dewy effect is the perfect look for this summer. To create this basic brown look, you need to start right at the beginning of your face, before the foundation has been applied. Gather your bits and compare them… Do they all have the same tone of brown? This part is so important if you want to look sophisticated and not like a clown! This means matching everything from your eyebrow colour, your contour, to your eyeshadow shade and lipstick! This is how I created mine;

On a average day I religiously wear eyeliner, the bigger and more cat eyed the better is the rule in my books. I think eyeliner, over the years, has become more of a habit to me… rarely do you see my pampered face without it. However, this summer I don’t want thick black heavy eyes and I’m really starting to get bored of the same childish looking cat eye! Therefore, recently I have been adapting my look, dumbing down my heavy makeup looks for a summery swap, without loosing the overall made-up feel.

Contour. ✔️ Without contour there’s just no point! A well contoured face beats ANY item of makeup at the moment and it wouldn’t be the same without a highlighted cheekbone that can be seen from space!

The more dewy you can make your face look, the more you’ll shine and love it. Trust me!

I’m absolutely loving Revolutions contour palletes to create the perfect dewy look! I have been obsessively using both my cream contour pallete aswell as my powder contour pallete to shape and define my features. The palletes are amazingly matched colour-wise, making them a perfect combination! Starting with the cream contour, drawing lines all over my face like a mad plastic surgeon I sculpt my face into perfect shape. In addition to this, once blended, I use the matching colours on the powder palette to darken and highlight areas even further. 

I love, love, love the shimmery highlighter that is featured within the cream contour palette! It’s extremely shiny and beautiful! 

I used a few layers of black mascara to extend and emphasise my eyelashes and the middle brown eyeshadow from the smokey eye Bourjois trio pallete to add colour to my lids. For my brows I used studio 10 eyebrow liner to shape and Barry M’s brow shape kit to fill and highlight below the brown and near the tear duct of each eye – helping add to the dewy effect.
It feels incredibly lighter and I feel more summery without a heavy liner across my eye – it makes the perfect summer look! 

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Ultra Amazing Contour

This Ultra-contour gives an Ultra – phenomenal and elegant finish to any makeup look night and day!


^ before using Ultra Contour my face has no definition and looks very plain with no added colour.

Admittedly on an everyday basis I only use a small amount of contouring as I want to go for a natural look; for this I apply the top left hand corner as a highlighter, just brushing it with a contour brush on the top of my cheek bones and running it lightly down my nose.

Using the slightly lighter brown (being the second from the left on the bottom row) I use another contouring brush and faintly shade under my cheekbones, this gives my face definition and makes my cheekbones stand out. This in affect is working as my bronzer.

To finish off my day time contouring look I apply a small amount of the pearly pink and brown powder (on the very right hand side of the bottom row) in between my highlighter and bronzer to act as a blusher and to and some shimmer to my face.  


For the night time approach when I am heading out I like to go more bold! Instead of using the matte highlighter I use the white and gold pearl powder to really highlight and accentuated he top of my cheek bones, like before I always apply the lighter brown bronzer first as I think it has a more neutral approach and less tangy, on top of it to emphasise the darkness I add a tiny bit of the dark brown (on the very left of the bottom row).
 I am totally in love with the pink and brown pearl powder, so as the same as in my daytime look but this time using a bit more, I apply between the highlighter and bronzer as a blusher!