Coffee that works miracles for your skin!

“It’s coffee though? You drink tea.” – said my boyfriend. When I first discovered @groundedbodyscrub through beauty lovers on Instagram (follow me at LEOFBELLES) I had to place an order, after scrolling through numerous different fruity and yummy sounding scrubs I found the scrub for me; Lemon Tea Tree Facial Coffee Scrub! Yes please. Proven to help cleanse and actively reduce pores, I needed a healthy facial scrub in my life and at an incredible price of £8.95 I ordered two bags!!

The results are amazing, ‘use once to twice a week’ it states on the back of the packet, however, I can’t resist and sometimes use up to three times a week! Oops!! I like to use a very small quantity when applying to my face (and make sure you do it over a sink!) as its a loose product and tends to get just about everywhere!! I also find if you use too much at once you can’t exfoliate your sink as well as you can when using a reasonable amount; I usually use a pea drop size on each of the three main areas of my face… Both cheeks and forehead!

It’s smells amazing throughout using as well as after washing off, which was surprisingly quick and easy to do! During this time of the year I find I get particularly oily skin and it tends too look tired and dull a lot of the time, after using this scrub for now 3 weeks I have noticed a huge improvement!! My skin is glowing, my pores have reduced massively and my face is overall less oily and a lot smoother! I even use the scrub on my lips to reveal super soft puckers ready for lipstick that’ll last and look flawless!

Give it a try! 

You can find all their scrubs here on their website or in some Boots stores! 

Love LE 


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