Coffee that works miracles for your skin!

“It’s coffee though? You drink tea.” – said my boyfriend. When I first discovered @groundedbodyscrub through beauty lovers on Instagram (follow me at LEOFBELLES) I had to place an order, after scrolling through numerous different fruity and yummy sounding scrubs I found the scrub for me; Lemon Tea Tree Facial Coffee Scrub! Yes please. Proven to help cleanse and actively reduce pores, I needed a healthy facial scrub in my life and at an incredible price of £8.95 I ordered two bags!!

The results are amazing, ‘use once to twice a week’ it states on the back of the packet, however, I can’t resist and sometimes use up to three times a week! Oops!! I like to use a very small quantity when applying to my face (and make sure you do it over a sink!) as its a loose product and tends to get just about everywhere!! I also find if you use too much at once you can’t exfoliate your sink as well as you can when using a reasonable amount; I usually use a pea drop size on each of the three main areas of my face… Both cheeks and forehead!

It’s smells amazing throughout using as well as after washing off, which was surprisingly quick and easy to do! During this time of the year I find I get particularly oily skin and it tends too look tired and dull a lot of the time, after using this scrub for now 3 weeks I have noticed a huge improvement!! My skin is glowing, my pores have reduced massively and my face is overall less oily and a lot smoother! I even use the scrub on my lips to reveal super soft puckers ready for lipstick that’ll last and look flawless!

Give it a try! 

You can find all their scrubs here on their website or in some Boots stores! 

Love LE 


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Revolution Mini Haul – Part 3!

It’s finally here! My third and final post on how amazing I found the makeup from my mini haul!! (Thank you if you have taken time to read the previous two, if you haven’t… You should!) In this ramble I wanna show you how great my new favourite eyeshadow palette is. Revolutions ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’. 

My ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’ palette in all its glory!

With an incredible array of colours from mattes to high shimmers and glitters, you can create any look you desire from casual, to sophiscated to a super glam evening look! I wanted to do this post last, as over the past couple of weeks I’ve been building up a few pictures using different shades on the palette to show you guys.

Sun Set Hour, Super Gold and Creme.

Pink Diamond, Favour and New World.

The quality of the eyeshadows are amazing considering the super affordable price. They are so easy to blend, I use the double ended brush that comes with the palette as well as Revolutions eyeshadow blender (shown in Revolution Mini Haul – Part 1!) to apply. The eyeshadows are also so, so pigmented that the colours honestly look as great on than they do in the palette! 
Caffeine Fix, Latte, Creme and Shimmer
Green Machine, Transformer and Smoothie

The beautiful ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’ eyeshadow palette features a clear overlay sheet with each eyeshadow shades personal name. I have featured the particular ones I have used captioned under each picture for you guys to feast your eyes on! 

Have any of you beauties grabbed yourselves a palette?


Basic Browns // how to look good simply.

A simplified brown face with a dewy effect is the perfect look for this summer. To create this basic brown look, you need to start right at the beginning of your face, before the foundation has been applied. Gather your bits and compare them… Do they all have the same tone of brown? This part is so important if you want to look sophisticated and not like a clown! This means matching everything from your eyebrow colour, your contour, to your eyeshadow shade and lipstick! This is how I created mine;

On a average day I religiously wear eyeliner, the bigger and more cat eyed the better is the rule in my books. I think eyeliner, over the years, has become more of a habit to me… rarely do you see my pampered face without it. However, this summer I don’t want thick black heavy eyes and I’m really starting to get bored of the same childish looking cat eye! Therefore, recently I have been adapting my look, dumbing down my heavy makeup looks for a summery swap, without loosing the overall made-up feel.

Contour. ✔️ Without contour there’s just no point! A well contoured face beats ANY item of makeup at the moment and it wouldn’t be the same without a highlighted cheekbone that can be seen from space!

The more dewy you can make your face look, the more you’ll shine and love it. Trust me!

I’m absolutely loving Revolutions contour palletes to create the perfect dewy look! I have been obsessively using both my cream contour pallete aswell as my powder contour pallete to shape and define my features. The palletes are amazingly matched colour-wise, making them a perfect combination! Starting with the cream contour, drawing lines all over my face like a mad plastic surgeon I sculpt my face into perfect shape. In addition to this, once blended, I use the matching colours on the powder palette to darken and highlight areas even further. 

I love, love, love the shimmery highlighter that is featured within the cream contour palette! It’s extremely shiny and beautiful! 

I used a few layers of black mascara to extend and emphasise my eyelashes and the middle brown eyeshadow from the smokey eye Bourjois trio pallete to add colour to my lids. For my brows I used studio 10 eyebrow liner to shape and Barry M’s brow shape kit to fill and highlight below the brown and near the tear duct of each eye – helping add to the dewy effect.
It feels incredibly lighter and I feel more summery without a heavy liner across my eye – it makes the perfect summer look! 

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M is for Miracle MAC Makeup

My skin fails this time of year, I go pale… Real pale and I get tons of red blotches over my face, my skin looks really rough. As I suffer (I say suffer because it’s such a pain to handle!) from combination skin, I really struggle to find a foundation that has the necessary coverage I need without looking caked and streaky! 


I took a needed trip to John Lewis to get the consultants at MAC opinion on just how to save my skin, and boy she rescued me! She introduced me to MACs studio fix liquid foundation; and the texture is to die for! It has a creamy light feel which makes it incredibly easy to apply and it’s coverage is amazing! 

Excuse my pastey skin and moody face!!

I really wanted to show you all the true effect of this beautiful foundation so I have done a  bare face shot (above) and after I had completed my makeup (below). I’m using shade NC20 which has a lovely golden matte approach! 


Velvet Teddy and Me

Honestly, after the amount of lipsticks I’ve tried and failed to be impressed by, after all of the colours that just weren’t right for my face, I think I have finally fallen in love with the perfect lipstick.    

I am totally obsessed with the nude matte brown colour of this lipstick!!
Velvet Teddy by Mac Cosmetics is utterly beautiful. A soft matte brown which could almost be seen as slightly purple in some lights is a very popular choice of lipstick by Mac lovers, I was suggested it by one of my friends at uni a few weeks back but with the daring prices of Mac makeup I convinced myself to hold back until I new I had found the perfect shade, in heinsight I should of listen to her at first! It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that my house mate happens to have the exact shade… So of course I tried it, and guess what my next purchase is going to be? – As soon as I have finished my essay research that is!! 

If you aren’t as in love with Macs Velvet Teddy as I am and feel slightly weary of spending a daring £15.50 (well worth it though!) try NYX lip Lingerie lipstick in either Teddy for a more neutral brown approach to Macs Velvet Teddy, or if on the other hand you like the purpleness of Macs lipstick go for Embellishment, it has a gorgeous, almost mauve, take on brown!

Have any of you guys tried Velvet Teddy? I recommend it to anyone and everyone!


My Underdone Makeover

Even on a Saturday like today, a Saturday that my amazing boyfriend has been working since 7 this morning and won’t come home till 10 tonight, a Saturday where I spend sat in my room with my head in multiple books, just shy of 100 tabs open on google and all of my note books spread…well, all over the room… I still find time to put my face on 🙂 
You know, just in case I fancy one of those nasty 35p energy drinks I use (only for emergencies I tell myself) to keep myself engaged with my work or a bar of my favourite Dairy Milk chocolate to give myself some added motivation (yes, food is a huge – and unfortunately my main – distraction) but I like to go for a simple, classy and tamed makeup look. 

Today I went neutral;


After my sacred pre-makeup routine I applied only a thin layer of foundation, on one of my tracksuit days I don’t tend to contour, I will however apply a small amount of matte highlighter to illuminate my cheeckbones.


Using the matte pink eyeshadow in the middle of No7s colour perfecting trio in Good Earth I filled my entire eyelid, I then blended the pale matte brown on the bottom of the three colours into the crease of my eyelid to create a slight smokey eye. 

I added a really thin eyeliner and used a brown mascara for tinting my eyelashes!  


Lastly to add some colour I used Max Factors Lipfinity in Just Bewitching double ended lip stain and gloss, it lasts for a super long time and never wears off! – it’s my ‘long day at uni’ go to!!

To shape my lips and contain the colour I used No7 lip liner in nude, it adds such a beautiful finish, making my lips look neat and sweet! 
Have a beautiful weekend.

Wish me luck with my work 

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Simple, daring and purple!

Today I went for a particularly plain outfit, black jeans and a plain grey long sleeve t-shirt, however on the other hand today I went for one of my particularly daring makeup looks… 

I love deep purples (at the moment I’m in love with Barry M magnetic nail polish in the metallic dark purple stripes!) and with a plain (not too dark outfit) this makeup look looks great!! 


  To start off with using the darkest colour from the rimmel eyeshadow palette Violet Romantic I fairly heavily darkened the crease of my eyelid.

I particularly like these eyeshadows as they blend super easy!!
  Next I used the lighter purple on the main part of my eyelid, slightly blending into the dark purple.

I also added a touch of the shimmer white to the very centre of my eyelid, this is to add highlights. 


It may seem outrageous but go with me…

To create my ombré purple lips I used revlon balm stain in cherish devotion, a bright baby pink, I then used a liquid pen eyeliner in black (I usually have a cheap one especially for my lips) and literally colour from the inner corners of my mouth, being careful not to leave harsh lines!  

Using the same lip stain I blend the eyeliner on my lips to create the purple lip! 👄
I also added a thin liquid eyeliner to finish my look 🙂